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News & Announcements / VirtueShop 3.0.1 Beta 2 released
« Last post by tpkwan on November 05, 2013, 10:16:43 PM »
We are glad to announce the availability of VirtueShop 3.0.1 Beta 2 release. This release fixed bugs during upgrade of old virtuemart data and add support for copying old images and themes from old virtuemart site.
News & Announcements / VirtueShop Forum Policy
« Last post by peter on August 16, 2013, 10:24:57 AM »
  • Search the Forum and Read the Manual; we ask you to please search the forum and read the VirtueShop manual before posting a question in the forums, your questions might already be answered.
  • Newbie Member Restrictions; in order to help safeguard our forum and user community from unsolicited advertising and fraudulent behavior, certain features are not available until users have reached a full level of membership. Newbie and Jr. members are prohibited from using signatures, modifying their profile and adding attachments to posts.
    Posts by Newbie members must be approved by moderators before showing.
    The goal of this is to strike a balance between not tying the hands of legitimate new users while still discouraging those users who are signing up merely to spam our forum.
    These restrictions are lifted once a member reaches "Full Member" status, which occurs after the user has made ten posts.
  • Use Descriptive Topic Subject; when starting a new topic, please give a little thought and come up with a meaningful and descriptive subject, especially if you are asking for help with a descriptive topic subject, you will increase the likelihood that interested parties will answer your question.
  • No Spam; you will be banned indefinitely. End of story.
  • No Flaming, No Profanity; No aggressive, personal attacks on someone just because of a disagreement with their point of view will be tolerated. No profanity in the forum, not everyone wants to read foul language.
  • No Links to Illegal Software or to "Warez" sites, No advertising of other websites, blogs or forums
  • No Cross Posting; please do not start more than one topic with the same question. Starting multiple topics with the same question is confusing and splits up the discussions. The Moderators will delete duplicate threads.
  • No Excessive and Unnecessary Posting; posting just to raise your post count will not be tolerated in any form. If a Moderator deems you are abusing your account in this manner, your post count will be zeroed.
  • Post in the Appropriate Forum and Staying On Topic;
  • Forum Profiles, Signatures and Avatars; are enabled for members with at least 10 posts.

We may revise these Policies at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make.
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